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Vape Carts & Troubleshooting

How should I store my vape?

Vapes should be stored in their upright position, with the included rubber covers on both the mouthpiece, and battery-end.

Keep them at room temperature or slightly higher; this may help to decrease the viscosity and allow the oil to flow better through the vape.

Please do not leave your vape in a hot vehicle! This may cause the fluid to expand too much, and leak out of the cart.

How can I charge my vape battery?

To charge your new vape, gently twist the vape cart counter-clockwise to unscrew it from the battery. Next, twist the battery onto the charging port, and plug in - you can use the existing cable to charge via USB, or attach the USB to a power-block and plug it into a wall outlet.

My vape is not pulling correctly - what can I do?

A common issue with oil extracts is that the consistency is thick. This is because they are pure plant extracts, and tend to be viscous.

If your vape gets too chilled, the oil may be too viscous to pull effectively through the cart - hold the cart in the palm of your hands for 5-10 minutes to warm it up, and try again.

If your vape plugs and the above method does not unplug it, unscrew the cart from the battery, and use a clean metal paper-clip or safety pin to poke out both the battery-side, and the mouthpiece.

Are air bubbles normal?

Yes - there is normally a little air within the cart once the vape is filled, and that bubble slowly grows as you use more of the oil.

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