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What if my transaction is not approved?

What if my transaction is not approved?

The most common issue we come across when customers try to make a purchase but are declined is due to the billing address on their order not matching what their credit card provider has on file for them - this is a failed AVS check.

Shopify has a built in anti-fraud measure called an address verification service, or AVS check.

When a customer's billing address does not match the address on their credit card, Shopify raises an AVS failure. This results in a hold for the purchase amount reserved on the customer's credit card. This hold will disappear automatically after 3-5 business days (depending on how quickly your credit card provider can remove it). If you run into any issues with this please contact client care.

If you try to make a purchase but get declined, stop and check the billing address on your order and make sure it matches the address your credit card provider has on file.

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