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Registering with a Registration Certificate and ACMPR

What is a Registration Certificate?

In order to produce cannabis for your own medical purposes you must apply to Health Canada and be issued a Registration Certificate.

Since Seeds and Clones are a means of producing cannabis, a Registration Certificate is required to purchase them on Shelter Market.

Why get a Registration Certificate?

The Cannabis Act specifies that adults can grow up to four plants per residence (depending on province or territory) for personal use. Unfortunately at this time, only medical patients can buy seeds from a licensed producer. A Registration Certificate approves you for more plants for individual medical use. For examples of how many plants you could be eligible for please see Health Canada’s cannabis calculator.

This may be a path worth exploring if you would like to save money on your annual medical cannabis purchases.

Applying for a Registration Certificate

If you would like to apply for a Registration Certificate you will need to submit the following to Health Canada:

While your application is being processed (it can take eight to twelve weeks), you may be issued a temporary certificate so you are still able to purchase cannabis from Shelter Market.

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