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Lemon Skitz Live Resin Badder
Lemon Skitz Live Resin Badder

Lemon Skitz Live Resin Badder

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At Premium 5 we're devoted to crafting concentrates that are the purest form of tribute to their original lineage. That's why we start by selecting only the most flavorful and aromatic plants available and flash freezing them to lock in their fullest potential. Using time-tested and quality controlled hydrocarbon extraction methods, we squeeze every ounce of goodness into our products. Characterized by full-body terpene profiles, potent cannabinoid ranges, and an array of golden hues, these are products you won't soon forget.

Premium 5 Glueberry OG Live Resin Badder is a concentrate that’s been extracted via hydrocarbons from fresh frozen whole-buds to create an exceptional end product with a cake badder like consistency. This cultivar yields a concentrate with a deep burnished gold hue, insane 4-10% terpene range, super sweet fruity flavours, pungent spicy berry aromas, and an entourage effect that lets you ‘find your feeling’.

Cultivar: Lemon Zkittles

Extraction Method: Butane

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