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How do I pay for cannabis with cryptocurrency?

How do I pay for cannabis with cryptocurrency?

Once you’ve reached the checkout screen of your order and you're ready to pay, you have two options to pay using cryptocurrency.

1) Pay via Coinbase - selecting this option will open up a pop-up login page for Coinbase. Please note that you need a Coinbase account to use this option!


2) Click the listed cryptocurrency with which you’d like to pay. If your currency isn't pictured, click Show More to reveal the entire available list.

Next, click on your preferred crypto, and use the given QR Code / Wallet Address via your preferred service to transfer payment.

If you’re ready to pay with a cryptocurrency on Shelter Market, please note that there are two important things you need to know before getting started:

1) Once placed, orders purchased with cryptocurrencies cannot be modified.

2) Refunds will not be available in cryptocurrency; in the event that a refund is required, clients will be refunded the dollar value of their purchases, or given the opportunity to have that value applied to a future order.

While these policies may be revisited in the future, the current volatility of cryptocurrency value requires us to implement them for the time being.

Shelter’s cryptocurrency transactions are operated via CoinBase - you can learn more about them here.

If you have any other questions about how to pay for your medical cannabis with cryptocurrencies, please click here to contact our client care team!

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