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We've put together a list of Canadian Cannabis Clinics to serve as an easy resource for people who are interested in speaking to a physician about obtaining a Medical Document and registering with Shelter Market.


Speak privately with a healthcare professional in the comfort of your home to receive and renew your medical cannabis document. 

Ekosi Health

Ekosi Health was founded out of a recognized need to bring evidence-based and evidenced-informed cannabinoid therapy medical practices to underserved and rural populations. Ekosi serves residents of Ontario and Manitoba in person or via tele-health appointments.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics                                                                                 

Choose to have a virtual or clinic appointment – whichever feels right for you.

Harvest Medicine                                                                                             

Harvest Medicine accepts patients referred by a physician and by self-referral at no cost or hidden fees for an initial assessment and follow-up appointments.

Apollo Cannabis Clinics.                                                                                     

Apollo is now offering virtual and phone appointments.


Bodystream Medical                                                                                            

Virtual clinics now available. 


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