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Shelter Market, the medical cannabis marketplace operated by Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd., is dedicated to providing top-quality medical cannabis and cannabis products. We provide affordable options to medical consumers across Canada, along with practical solutions to inform and empower patients.

Our focus is on access.

Legalization, like prohibition before it, has been leaving patients behind. Shelter Market aims to provide the highest quality cannabis available for the lowest prices. Our compassionate pricing program further reduces costs for those in the greatest need.

Working with Shelter Craft Collective, Shelter Market brings micro-cultivated craft cannabis to medical patients, as well as other products not currently available elsewhere at medical pricing.

Our Agro-Greens facility is a small, family-run operation located in the Canadian heartland that proudly upholds the prairie tradition of agricultural excellence. In addition to packaging and processing a wide array of cannabis products, Health Canada licensed Agro-Greens utilizes state-of-the-art micro-grow chambers to cultivate harvests in smaller, craft batches.


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