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Other Questions

Why can't I see certain products?

Some product listings on Shelter Market have limited availability and are only accessible to clients in select provinces.

Due to current regulations, some products are limited in where they can be sold by provincial excise stamps. Whenever possible, Shelter Market will strive to ensure availability nation-wide but if you cannot see a particular item, it is because it is not yet available in your region. 

Cannabis Seeds

Seed Purchase Limits

Since Seeds and Clones are a means of producing cannabis, a Registration Certificate is required to purchase them on Shelter Market.

Per section 290 (2) of the Cannabis Regulations, three seeds are equivalent to one cannabis plant. This means we may limit your purchase of seeds based on the amount of plants you are eligible for under your Registration Certificate.

Seed Return Policy

Seed germination rates and successful cannabis plant cultivation depend on a variety of factors beyond Shelter Market or our suppliers' control. Shelter Market does not guarantee germination rates of seeds sold through our website. Shelter Market does not guarantee successful cultivation or feminization rates of seeds purchased. Cannabis seeds which are not feminized or are unsuccessfully cultivated will not be eligible for a return on the basis that they are “defective”. All cannabis seed sales are final.

What can I do if my doctor refuses to send my medical document to Shelter Market?

This happens from time to time and there are a variety of reasons why a physician or cannabis clinic may refuse to send your medical document to the provider of your choice. It’s important to note that the medical document belongs to the patient and ultimately where they access medical cannabis is up to them.

If your health care provider insists on a specific Licensed Producer who is not your first choice, you can phone or email that provider and request that your medical document be transferred to the provider of your choice. Licensed Producers are legally required to transfer medical documents when requested.

Please see reach out to our Client Care team via chat or email ( if you have further questions.

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We deliver the highest quality product, fast, with medical consumers as our top priority. And we’re here to ensure it.
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