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How do I apply for a Registration Certificate?

How do I apply for a Registration Certificate?

If you would like to apply for a Registration Certificate you will need to submit the following to Health Canada:

While your application is being processed (it can take eight to twelve weeks), you may be issued a temporary certificate so that you are still able to purchase cannabis from your licensed producer.

Please click here to view Health Canada's information hub on applying for Registration Certificates.

What are some of the benefits of a Registration Certificate?

The Cannabis Act specifies that legal adults can grow up to four plants per residence - with the exception of the province of Manitoba - for recreational use.

A Registration Certificate approves you for more plants for individual medical use. Additionally, while you can purchase seeds recreationally through Shelter Market, only those registered with a Registration Certificate are permitted to purchase seeds (or clones) on Shelter Market’s medical side.

Registration Certificates also allow you to access a greater number of seeds, based on the number of plants that you are allowed to grow.

Health Canada’s present equivalency is 3 seeds to 1 plant, so for example, if your Registration Certificate permits you to grow 30 plants, you are permitted to purchase up to 90 seeds. For details surrounding how many plants you could be eligible to grow based on your daily gram allotment, please see Health Canada’s cannabis calculator.

Getting your Registration Certificate may be a path worth exploring if you would like to save money on your annual medical cannabis purchases!

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