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Craft program

The Shelter Craft Program connects Canada's skilled micro-cultivators with consumers seeking exceptional quality, small-batch cannabis.

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ANC is Alberta’s first micro-cultivator. The company was founded by a group of friends passionate about cannabis and is built around the belief that everyone, no matter their background or experience, should be able to grow their own quality plants. ANC is a nursery and a classroom for responsible and informed plant production with a current offering seeds under the brand 34 Street Seed. Co. Dried flower, clones and other products are coming soon.

DISTINKT Cannabis was founded in Calgary Alberta in 2017. The founders created the brand to offer a premium cannabis experience in the legal market. With a facility that has been optimized to provide the best growing conditions for each cultivar, DISTINKT is fully loyal to the grow. Our facility was purpose-built with small, controllable environments affording us complete control of our growing conditions. Our initial offerings originated in Nelson B.C. This area is known for producing great cannabis. We are dedicated to hunting stellar phenotypes and introducing new and exciting genetics to the legal market. We hang dry the entire plant for 8-12 days in a cool, controlled environment. Once the drying process is complete, we buck, trim and cure for 21 days. We pride ourselves on exclusively producing premium flower. Any flower that doesn't meet our high standards gets sent for extraction.

Dunn Cannabis is a micro-cultivator based in British Columbia. The small team transitioned from the legacy market and is focused on growing quality cannabis and connecting with their supporters.

Gnomestar Craft Cannabis grows indoor, small-batch cannabis in Delta, British Columbia. Their team focuses on creating truly great consumption experiences using growing techniques such as soil mixtures that nurture the true genetic expression of the plant. Gnomestar flower is hand-harvested, dried over a cool 10-day slow hang-drying process, hand-trimmed to maximize cannabinoids and terpenes, and is cold-cured over several weeks to ensure a smooth, flavourful smoke every time.

Greenman Acres was founded by two families, the Hagreens and the Mantrops (hence the name “Greenman”), who came together over a shared love of the cannabis plant. Their farm spans 100-acres of rolling hills in the heart of Georgian Bay, Ontario. They are proponents of outdoor cannabis cultivation and utilize the micro-climate and terroir to grow the best quality cannabis as nature intended.

Hearst Organic is located in the small French community of Hearst in Northern Ontario. The greenhouse and shop are the province’s first micro-cultivation site and are built around the priority of doing things right, and bringing true craft cannabis to Canadians in small batches.

Joi Botanical consists of passionate, hardworking, experienced individuals that love to share their Joi with the world. They know what good cannabis is and are dedicated to cultivating nothing but the highest quality flower in small batches to ensure a premium finished product every time. Grown hydroponically in Coco Coir with an automated top drip system and organic/non-organic blend of high-quality nutrients. All inputs and outputs going in are constantly monitored to ensure they are within the proper range of EC/pH/Temp depending on their growth phase.

Kootenay's Finest Craft Cannabis is a micro-cultivation facility located in the Kootenay region, dedicated to small-batch, organically-grown craft cannabis. We grow in living soil, using only organic amendments, and under specifically dialed-in LED lighting. Our offerings are hand-watered with mountain spring water from the Purcell mountains and, once harvested, we do a slow, cold-cure, and trim by hand. We’re bringing 3 unique cultivars to market, including some of our own original proprietary phenotypes that have stood the test of time in the BC market. Our co-owners, CEO/RPIC Kevin Mcbride and Master Grower Sal Couling have over 50 years combined in the legacy cannabis growing space.

KRFT is Newfoundland’s premiere micro-cultivator. Located in George’s Brook NL, they produce fine hand-crafted flower with deluxe genetics.

Mira-Juana Cannabis is Cape Breton's first licensed cannabis cultivation facility, located near the banks of the pristine Mira River. The small team of devoted growers incorporates decades of experience and a passion for classic genetics into each batch of craft cannabis. With legacy market roots, Mira-Juana is focused on the essence and experience of the flower, letting the plants signal when they’re ready to be hand harvested, hang dried and trimmed, and slow cured.

Canada's first licensed micro-cultivator and micro-processor North 40 is a true craft cultivator, growing small-batch, high pressure aeroponic, cannabis. These beautiful, hand-trimmed cultivars showcase decades of experience and attention to detail that can be seen, smelled, and enjoyed.

Organnicraft is a craft cultivation facility located just outside Vernon, British Columbia, and is staffed with some of the most experienced legacy market individuals in the Okanagan Valley. They produce a mix of high-end California Exotics and a few BC staples brought in from the legacy market, allowing for premium cannabis and large yields in small-batch rooms. Within the facility, every task is carried out with strategy and passion leading to white ash, tremendous amounts of resin, insane total terpenes and high THC.

Palm Gardens is a family-owned and operated micro-cultivator located in Edmonton, Alberta. Their facility is designed with a soil-based medium and perpetual growing harvest cycles ensuring a consistent, sophisticated product is always available. The small batch production scale gives their consummate growers precise control over every inch of every leaf all the time, empowering them to meticulously inspect the plants and emulate Mother Nature.

Prairie Grass is a family-owned and operated craft cultivation facility located in Southern Alberta. This passionate team combines four generations of farming experience with the co-founders’ medical backgrounds in pharmacy and nursing to create products that support patients and showcase the unique properties of the plant.

Stewart’s Vertical Farms Inc. believes great cannabis starts with the right food. They are indoor vertical aquaponics farmers. Aquaponic farming takes a little more effort, but they are proud to grow our cannabis naturally.

Verte West is a small-scale cannabis producer on Vancouver Island. The team comes from the legacy market, and have brought their experience and passion to the new legal cannabis world in Canada. Verte West focuses on unique tall plants with flavour profiles that require attention, and sometimes longer growing times that other growers may shy away from. Their goal is to consistently produce high-quality craft cannabis by hang drying, hand trimming, and employing local help. Verte West is self-funded, locally owned and operated. They don't have a board or fancy VP's, just a band of brothers focusing on growing great cannabis.

Willow Weed is an outdoor micro-cultivator owned and operated by the Willow Family at Willow Pond Farms in Ontario. Turning to the plant for both craft and medicine, all products are given tremendous attention with hand-trimming, hang-drying, and curing for a 2-month minimum.

Zevk, is a Turkish name meaning “delight.” They are located in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and aim to create an innovative cannabis brand that delights by exceeding expectations. Zevk brings decades of agricultural experience and scientific knowledge to the legal cannabis market. Their grow team is passion-driven and focused on growing small batches of true craft bud with the best possible quality standard.

7Green is Kamloops’ first Health Canada licensed cannabis producer nestled in the interior of beautiful British Columbia. The 7Green team grows inside a built-for-purpose facility which results in the ability to grow exceptional cannabis all year long. Driven by a belief in quality over quantity, they focus on growing in small batches with personal attention from their team of experienced master growers. Proper care is taken to hang-dry and cure flower for 14 days, a process which results in high terpene levels and dense, aromatic buds. After the curing process is completed, the 7Green team hand-trims all plants in order to provide a superior finished product.

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