White Rhino Dried Cannabis
White Rhino Dried Cannabis White Rhino Dried Cannabis White Rhino Dried Cannabis
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At Pure Sunfarms, our decades of knowledge in greenhouse growing, combined with a legacy of BC cannabis cultivation guides our uncompromising approach to quality. We select strains that thrive in our sunlight-filled, modern greenhouse ensuring we offer consistent, potent, and flavourful cannabis grown with care.

Cultivar descriptionFeaturing high THC potential, White Rhino is a classic BC bud strain, cultivated in the Gulf Islands before it became popular across Canada. An indica-dominant child of White Widow, the selected phenotype is both potent and intensely flavourful. Nearly hidden beneath a cover of snowy trichomes, the leaves of this compact bud showcase a variety of colours, ranging from sea green to lime peel, with splashes of amethyst. White Rhino was specifically selected for its fruity aromas of blueberries and mangos (myrcene), green grapes (alpha-pinene), and Thai basil (caryophyllene).
Cultivar lineageWhite Widow, Unknown Indica Cultivar
THC range16-22%
CBD range0-1%
Dominant terpenesMyrcene, Alpha-Pinene, Caryophyllene