Pure Sun CBD Dried Cannabis
Pure Sun CBD Dried Cannabis Pure Sun CBD Dried Cannabis
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At Pure Sunfarms, our decades of knowledge in greenhouse growing, combined with a legacy of BC cannabis cultivation guides our uncompromising approach to quality. We select strains that thrive in our sunlight-filled, modern greenhouse ensuring we offer consistent, potent, and flavourful cannabis grown with care.
Cultivar descriptionChosen for its strong CBD potential (and less than 1% THC), Pure Sun CBD is a hand-selected phenotype of the Cannatonic strain. The dried flowers are tight and compact, featuring a mix of pale and jade green leaves dotted with a generous dusting of trichomes. The delicate aromas and flavours are reminiscent of fresh flowers (bisabolol), creamsicle and brown sugar (myrcene), and cardamom (guaiol).
Cultivar lineageReina Madre, NYC Diesel
THC range0-1%
CBD range15-22%
Dominant terpenesBisabolol, Myrcene, Guaiol