Afghan Kush Dried Cannabis
Afghan Kush Dried Cannabis Afghan Kush Dried Cannabis
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At Pure Sunfarms, our decades of knowledge in greenhouse growing, combined with a legacy of BC cannabis cultivation guides our uncompromising approach to quality. We select strains that thrive in our sunlight-filled, modern greenhouse ensuring we offer consistent, potent, and flavourful cannabis grown with care.

Cultivar descriptionKnown for its high THC potential, Afghan Kush is an indica-dominant heirloom of cultivars that originated in the Hindu Kush mountain region of present day Central and Southern Asia. Afghan Kush is a building block for many of the Kush varieties available today. The dried flowers are dense, sticky, and chunky – their moss-coloured leaves flecked with shades of purple under a cover of frosty trichomes. It offers aromas and flavours of white musk (myrcene), sandalwood and red peppercorns (caryophyllene), and wild mountain strawberries (linalool).
Cultivar lineageHindu Kush Landrace Cultivars
THC range16-22%
CBD range0-1%
Dominant terpenesMyrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool