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What does 'remediation' mean?

What does ‘remediation’ mean?

Remediation is a term for the many methods of sterilizing dried cannabis flower. The process is used to render the product medically sterile, which means levels of biologicals - like microbials, measured in Colony Forming Units (or CFUs) and Total Yeast/Mold (TYMs) - are rendered non-detectable in a laboratory analysis.

Shelter Market generally carries products that have been sterilized via eBeam processing, wherein products are subjected to a short, intense beam of sterilizing, high-energy electrons. Generally performed in a vacuum, a high-voltage potential is created using a positive and negative charge, resulting in the rapid movement of these electrons through the product.1

There are other forms of remediation used by both the cannabis industry and by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, including Gamma and X-ray radiation, which are both used regularly to sterilize onions, potatoes, wheat/wheat flour and imported spice blends.

Gamma irradiation uses a radioactive, or ‘fissile’, material - typically Cobalt-60 - to provide a tiny, controlled burst of ionizing radiation that is completely sterilizing.

Conversely, X-ray remediation utilizes photons within the X-ray spectrum, and allows for the same level of sterilization as Gamma irradiation but with penetrative X-rays, and adding less heat overall.

While not wholly sterilizing like the above methods, another treatment used to remediate cannabis is Radio Frequency Pasteurization. RFP uses an electromagnetic field generated via long radio waves, raising the temperature of the water within the cannabis rapidly, effectively killing most pathogens.

1 - Ghasem D. Najafpour. 2007. Chapter 15, Sc.10 Electron Beam Sterilisation, Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology: 342-350. [Accessed 2021-08-11] Available from:

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