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Introducing the Shelter Market Blog

Introducing the Shelter Market Blog
Welcome to the newest addition to Shelter Market, The Shelter Market Blog!

Our goal for this space is to provide you with resources and information to help you navigate Shelter Market and make informed decisions about your health and medical cannabis use. We’ll also be mixing it up with guest posts, and specialized series like Take Your Medicine, where we will share tips on safe, responsible consumption; Understanding Cannabis where we turn the lens on the plant itself and what we’re learning about how cannabis interacts with our bodies including deeper dives into individual terpenes and cannabinoids; Meet the Grower, where we will introduce you to some of our partners; the people who grow and process your medicine.

 Safer, Simpler, Kinder

At Shelter Market, our credo is “Safer, Simpler, Kinder” and that will extend to the information we provide here. We’ll endeavor to make cannabis as a medicine simple to understand, safe to use and we’ll share information from a place of kindness. We believe medicine should be accessible to all who might need it and so we offer a wide variety of options to suit all needs and tastes including exclusive medical access to craft cannabis grown with love.

 We are also looking forward to hosting guest blogs and videos from micros and craft growers so you can get to know the people behind the brands we carry. As always you can tweet or message us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know if there is a particular topic you want to learn more about.


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