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New Website Features and Enhancements

April 1st, 2021
New Website Features and Enhancements

It’s finally here! Over our past five years in cannabis e-commerce we have had the opportunity to work alongside our members to create a better website based on your feedback. We have overhauled our entire platform with new features and updates to bring you an exceptional cannabis purchasing experience.

We are so thankful to all of you for your suggestions and support, and we look forward to continuing to create something amazing together.

Read on to learn more about our new improvements!

Site Navigation

Navigation filters

Finding the right cannabis products takes patience and our new navigation system makes the search a whole lot easier. Shop our selection of craft and other premium products using pre-filtered popular links.


New items & sale collection

What’s new and what’s on sale? Search both categories directly on the homepage so you can browse faster and better.

Product Cards

The product cards are designed to relay key facts about each product quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to search for the details needed to make an informed purchase.

Product images

The physical appearance of cannabis is a key factor in determining quality. In addition to providing downloadable certificates of analysis (COAs), we also highlight dried flower on our product cards so you can get an accurate representation of the product you are purchasing.

Visual categorization

THC-dominant, Balanced, and CBD-dominant products stand out with visual representations of each category, making browsing simpler. Look for the diamond for THC, a circle for CBD, and a hexagon for THC/CBD-balanced products.

Terpene values

Terpenes are an important part of the cannabis equation when it comes to product selection. Dominant terpene values are prominently displayed so you can get a more comprehensive understanding of the different cultivars and potential effects.

Terpene profiles

Each cultivar (and each lot, in fact) has its own unique terpene profile which we represent with a colour-coded graph. Learn the colour combos of your favourite terpene as a tool to help you filter your selections.

Price display

Product formats typically range from 3.5-28 gram offerings but you can also see the cost-per-gram breakdown for each category of size.

Express checkout

Already know what you’re looking for? Skip the extended product card details and simply click “add to cart” for an express shopping experience.

Product Listing Page


Simplify and enhance your shopping experience with our new filters. Easily discover the products you are looking for by choosing the categories that matter most to your product selection. Detailed descriptions and COAs are available on all products in the product card section.

Product Details Page

Multiple lots

Members can now easily shop between lots of the same cultivar and producer in one place. We simplified comparing THC, CBD and terpene values, pricing, and formats of the different lots so you can choose the best product to suit your needs.\

Certificates of analysis

View and download lot-specific COAs right from the product page. This detailed information can help you make the most-informed decision about your cannabis products to help with selection. THC, CBD, and dominant terpene values are listed right on the product cards for easy access to commonly searched product information.


Account details

Member details can be easily accessed all in one place! View your medical documentation quantity limits and expiry date, update your address, and review your order history so you can easily repurchase products you love or find new products with similar profiles.

Sign up

Easy registration

We have simplified our member sign-up with a new medical application tracking system. This helps new members ensure they have all the necessary information needed to register, every step of the process. Ready to sign up? Register Today!

Our commitment
We deliver the highest quality product, fast, with medical consumers as our top priority. And we’re here to ensure it.
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