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Kyp's Pick: Shelter Craft Distinkt Tropicana Cookies

December 3rd, 2021
Kyp's Pick: Shelter Craft Distinkt Tropicana Cookies

New arrival Tropicana Cookies is the first Shelter Craft offering from DISTINKT Cannabis, a cultivator based in Calgary, Alberta. When searching for unique craft cultivars to bring to Shelter Market, this unique, dark-hued flower caught the eye of our Director of Cannabis, and the sampling experience did not disappoint. Distinkt Tropicana Cookies is Shelter Market's first Kyp's Pick; in his own words:

"I'm always a sucker for a flower rich in the colour purple. This could be for my love of Prince, or maybe I'm just an anthocyanin junkie - the chemical compound responsible for her purple hues.

This dark, equatorial-leaning offering was bred by Oni Seeds, pheno-hunted and grown with care by Distinkt Cannabis out of Alberta. Simply put, she reminds me of the vanilla-forward flavour of A&W Root Beer. The smoke is thick and creamy with slight pepper notes on the finish; this is probably due to her Caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile.

I don't often puff multiple joints in an hour, but this offering had me going back to the rolling tray based on the flavour alone. Don't let the smallish flower size fool you, this is a sweet treat to add to the holiday season's rotation....a bona fide stocking stuffer!"

Tropicana Cookies is available at Shelter Market in 3.5g and 28g formats.

About Distinkt Cannabis:
DISTINKT Cannabis was founded in Calgary Alberta in 2017. The founders created the brand to offer a premium cannabis experience in the legal market. With a facility that has been optimized to provide the best growing conditions for each cultivar, DISTINKT is fully loyal to the grow. Our facility was purpose-built with small, controllable environments affording us complete control of our growing conditions. Our initial offerings originated in Nelson B.C. This area is known for producing great cannabis. We are dedicated to hunting stellar phenotypes and introducing new and exciting genetics to the legal market. We hang dry the entire plant for 8-12 days in a cool, controlled environment. Once the drying process is complete, we buck, trim and cure for 21 days. We pride ourselves on exclusively producing premium flower. Any flower that doesn't meet our high standards gets sent for extraction.

About Kyp Rowe:
As Director of Cannabis at Shelter Cannabis and Shelter Market, Kyp curates quality cannabis for all of Shelter's brands, and helps craft growers get their product to market. Some of Kyp's 20-year cannabis background includes: producing cannabis genetics at a European breeding facility, overseeing a large-scale award-winning European cannabis production farm, and serving as Operations Director for a large-scale Canadian retail cannabis company. As a Vineyard Manager & Cellar Master in the Okanagan, Kyp led the implementation of a fully certified-organic vineyard that produced award-winning wines. Kyp holds a level 1 certification from the International Sommelier Guild, and test drives every chemovar Shelter distributes.

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