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About us

Our Story

Shelter Market was founded on compassion, a value that has been our driving force before we were even a company.

In 2015, co-founder and CEO Mark Hauk started his professional cannabis journey by helping a friend who was battling chronic pain from a car accident. This friend was struggling to access cannabis through the MMPR system, and after much research into the challenges facing medical consumers, Mark established the Saskatchewan Compassion Club and National Compassion Club. Designed to help people access their medical documentation and affordable cannabis products, these Compassion Clubs supported thousands of Canadian patients.

When the opportunity came about to operate within Canada’s new legal framework, Shelter Cannabis was born. Working with our core team from the Compassion Club days, we partnered with family-run Agro-Greens Natural Products to amplify our knowledge of e-commerce, cannabis, and patient needs.

Part of Shelter’s mission is to supply members with as much variety as possible. Cannabis is a very personal experience and it takes patience to find the right products. When onboarding new suppliers, we invest the time to evaluate their offerings and determine how we can bring the best products to our members at the lowest possible price, while still supporting producers big and small.

Our commitment

Shelter Market promotes product transparency, supplier accountability, and the belief that everyone should have access to exceptional cannabis.

Our Commitment to Patients

We have always been a patient-first company, working directly with our community of medical consumers to find exceptional products at better prices.

Based on consumer feedback, we continue to prioritize patients with an amazing client care team who offer specialized support, easy membership registration, compassionate pricing, detailed COAs, and same day or next day shipping when conditions allow.

We have also created Canada’s largest craft medical program, which means medical members can access the products they love at a lower cost than adult-use retail.

Our promise to patients is that we will continue to take the time to source great cannabis and grow our platform alongside patient needs.

Our Commitment to Craft Growers

Canada’s craft cannabis is known around the world, and we take tremendous pride in supporting this part of the industry.

Our Craft Collective program allows us to onboard micro-cultivators and help them bring products to market under the Shelter Craft brand. We process, package, and distribute products so growers can focus on what they know and love best. We believe it’s important to give credit where it’s due, so we provide detailed information about the people behind the plant to elevate farmers and inform consumers.

Shelter Market is where all our efforts come together. We are able to support medical consumers, craft growers, and other producers while working towards our goal of making great cannabis accessible to all Canadians.

Our commitment
We deliver the highest quality product, fast, with medical consumers as our top priority. And we’re here to ensure it.
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